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Our company specializes in contract production of the highest quality electronic and photonic devices and the production of custom cable harnesses. We offer the highest production standards in Poland, from prototyping, production outsourcing, to professional machine and electronics assembly services.


Contract manufacturing

Perspectiva Solutions is a proven partner in the contract manufacturing of electronics. We specialize in the production and assembly of custom-made machinery and electronic devices. We carry out both small and medium production batches, starting from the creation of a prototype to assembly and serial production.

The devices we manufacture are successfully used mainly in the sector of professional electronics, industrial automation, industrial machinery, automotive, chemical, medical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in the space industry.

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We offer free advise to our future clients on how your product could be manufactured in an optimal way!

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What is photonics? Polish scientific contribution in the universe of photonics.

What is photonics? – Polish contribution to the universe of photonics

Photonics is the electronics of the 21st century. Is it really true? What is the Polish contribution to the world of photonics?
Photonics is a very extensive field of science, which includes development of image acquisition and processing techniques, construction of measuring devices using electromagnetic radiation and development of image processing techniques. If you are interested in the subject of photonics – Let’s begin!

Cable harnesses Contract manufacturing
Reliability of cable harness in electric car charge points

Cable harness reliability for electric car charger points

Electric cable harnesses are an integral part of devices that significantly improve everyday life. They are found in virtually every current operating device. Due to their widespread use, the number of companies producing them is constantly growing.

Electromobility is one of the most developing branches of the Polish and world economy. Today, this sector includes not only the production of electric vehicles,

Cable harnesses Contract manufacturing
How the servo works in industrial automation

How the servo mechanism works in industrial automation?

Servo-mechanism is an element that is inextricably linked with the concept of industrial automation, wherever precision and repeatability must be maintained. The most common application of servo mechanisms in industrial automation is controlling the position of machine elements (e.g. head), adjusting the rotational speed of rotors, controlling stresses and pressure force, or maintaining a constant […]

Contract manufacturing
Growing a successful businesss in contract production

How to start production?

The Economic Department of the National Court Register is an institution that every young Pole competing in a marathon must face. The time of establishing the simplest company is directly proportional to the length of the name of this office and does not constitute at all the difficult beginning of a pleasant run. The same […]