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Our company specializes in contract production of the highest quality electronic and photonic devices and the production of custom cable harnesses. We offer the highest production standards in Poland, from prototyping, production outsourcing, to professional machine and electronics assembly services.


hydrogen technologies and electromobility

Welcome to our blog, dedicated to the fascinating world of Hydrogen Technologies and Electromobility! Travel to the future of transport and energy by exploring the secrets of innovative water-based solutions. Discover how hydrogen technologies and electromobility are revolutionizing mobility, providing ecological and efficient drive solutions. Our articles focus on the latest developments in hydrogen vehicles, from conceptual prototypes to everyday availability. Stay up to date with advances in hydrogen production, refueling infrastructure, and practical applications of this green form of energy. Join our community to dive deeper into the fascinating world of Hydrogen Technologies and Electromobility, being at the forefront of the ecological transformation!

hydrogen technologies and electromobility
Produkcja wodoru w Polsce - technologie i najwięksi producenci wodoru

Hydrogen production in Poland: innovations in green energy technology

Last year, Poland’s hydrogen production reached 784,64 thousand tons and is gradually becoming a key factor within the energy revolution that is shaping the future of our country. At the center of this energy transition is hydrogen – not only as a product, but also as a symbol of a new era in the Polish economy and ecology. The growing role of hydrogen production in Poland affects