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Portable laser beam profiler Huaris Five Mobi with dedicated laser monitoring software power meter
// Portable laser beam analysis kit

Huaris Five Mobi kit
- laser beam profiler + tablet
+ software

Huaris Five Mobi is the first compact portable laser beam profiler that does not use a traditional computer. The set is ideal for laser beam monitoring in everyday use.

Huaris Five Mobi is a complete measuring instrument consisting of two components:

  • Huaris Five laser beam profiler with 5 Mpx camera,
  • 7-inch tablet with pre-installed, configured and calibrated software.
Ready to laser beam profiling directly out of the box

The Huaris One laser beam profiler allows you to effectively perform diagnostic functions, while saving space in laser laboratories. The product is lightweight and ready to work out of the box. It avoids using a standard computer. All the necessary functions for laser diagnostics are included in the kit. In addition, a 7-inch tablet secures communication with the laser cloud.

// Huaris AI system for laser beam diagnostics

Diagnostics of the quality of laser beams supported by artificial intelligence

Huaris One Mobi is an innovative product in the category of metrology systems for laser beam diagnostics. The stimulus for the creation of a new laser beam profilometer was the fact that in everyday laboratory practice or in the work of technicians carrying out service work on laser systems, uncomplicated, durable and handy devices are needed. In order to maximize work ergonomics, we have developed many advanced algorithms that have been implemented in the software supplied with the device and we have got rid of the computer necessary so far in laser beam characterization measurements.
// The Huaris One Mobi kit includes

Integrated solutions for laser profiling

A comprehensive and the world’s first device that allows easy measurement of beam parameters and its monitoring over a longer period of time. It does not require the use of a traditional computer, which has been replaced by a compact tablet.

Solutions included in the huaris one mobi set:
  • Laser beam width measurement according to ISO 11146
    • Guss beam measurement
    • measurement of elliptical beams
    • Lorentz beam measurement
    • moment measuremen
  • Monitoring the stability of the laser beam position
  • Automatic beam center search
  • 2D and 3D visualization
  • Automatic selection of measurement parameters
  • Cooperation with the cloud for long-term storage of measurement data
  • Automatic detection of artifacts in the beam using artificial intelligence algorithms in the cloud
Huaris five mobi is a portable laser beam profiler with dedicated laser diameter monitoring software
// remote laser beam analyzer for your laboratory

Huaris Cloud - remote laser beam monitoring

It is a cloud system that works in any web browser and works with a local application. This system makes it possible- automatic detection of artifacts related to the quality of the beam, which is carried out by artificial intelligence algorithms.
    • automatic detection of artifacts related to beam quality, which is carried out by artificial intelligence algorithms
    • automatic detection of long-term trends in laser beam parameters using AI
    • long-term monitoring of laser beam parameters
    • remote monitoring of laser beam parameters
    • sending alarms via e-mail, SMS, messages in the web application
    • External trigger for the laser beam profiler
It works with all laser beam diagnostic products offered by our company. Huaris Cloud access for Huaris One, Huaris One Mobi, Huaris Five, Huaris Five Mobi products is offered in a subscription model with a 3-month free trial period.
remote laser beam profiling

Long-term monitoring of the laser beam
effectively predicts laser failure

huaris one web destop software
// Most innovative product in laser beam profiling and M2 measurements

Huaris laser beam profiler features


The essential objective of every measuring device is the measurement accuracy. The high quality of our devices has been confirmed in the validation tests at external, world acknowledged laser R&D center in benchmarking experiments proving the ultimate level of measurement precision.

2D & 3D VIEW
2D & 3D VIEW

In our software you will be able to view the beam in 2D and 3D. Additionally, you can see sections of the beam and apply color palette at your convenience. 3D view is interactive. You can change the view angle. Cursors on the views will let you measure the specific, non-standard features of the beam.


We have implemented two modes of operation in our profile meter: automatic and manual. Automatic mode is perfect for the quick adjustment of the camera parameters at start or long-run measurement. Manual mode lets you fine-tune the parameters according to your specific needs.


Reporting works like a charm! You can save the measurement report as a PDF file for later use. Additionally, you can save the movie or image files presenting your beam footprint.


We have developed our own methods and algorithms of noise correction in real-time to maximize the measurement accuracy. DNC is highly convenient. You do not need to re-calibrate the profiler every time you start your measurement which makes the measurement going smoothly.


The measurement results are standardized beam characteristics as defined in ISO 11146. These include: FWHM, 1/e, 1/e2, 4σ for both horizontal and vertical directions for Gaussian and elliptical beams. Additionally, the parameters of Lorentz distribution as well as statistical momenta are delivered.

Spectral sensitivity for Huaris Five - laser beam profiler

Spectral sensitivity

Our laser profiler is aimed at a wide audience for the widest possible spectrum of applications. The profilometer enables the measurement of all standard beam width parameters that are known to the scientific community and industry. We also offer a number of additional functionalities that facilitate work.

Technical specification of the Huaris Five laser beam profiler
Pixel Class5 MP
Resolution5.04 MPix
Resolution (h x v)2592 x 1944 px
Aspect ratio4:3
ADC12 bit
Color depth (camera)12 bit
Optical sensor class1/2.5"
Optical Size5.702 mm x 4.277 mm
Optical sensor diagonal7.13 mm (1/2.24")
Pixel size2.20 µm
Sensor manufacturerONSEMI
Sensor modelAr0521
Sensor typeCMOS Mono
ShutterRolling Shutter
Sensor characteristicLinear
Readout modeProgressive scan
Ambient conditions
Device temperature during operation0°C - 55°C / 32°F - 131°F
Device temperature during storage-20 °C - 80 °C / -4 °F - 176 °F
Humidity (relative, non-condensing)20 % - 80 %
Interface connectorUSB Type-C, Standard 3.1
Power supplyUSB cable
Interface-Speed5.00 Gbps
IP codeNo
Tablet technical specification of the Huaris Five laser beam profiler
Display7" touchscreen with resolution of 800x480px
ProcessorBroadcom BCM2711, quad-core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8)
64-bit SoC @ 1.5GHz
Connectivity:2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac wireless LAN,
Bluetooth 5.0, BLEGigabit Ethernet2 x USB 3.0 ports2 x USB 2.0 ports
Video & sound:2 x micro HDMI ports (up to 4Kp60 supported)
Multimedia:H.265 (4Kp60 decode);H.264 (1080p60 decode,
1080p30 encode); OpenGL ES, 3.0 graphics
Input power:5V DC via USB-C connector (minimum 3A1) 5V DC
via GPIO header (minimum 3A1)
Power over Ethernet(PoE)-enabled (requires separate PoE HAT)
Functional capabilities of the Huaris Five laser beam profiler
Beam width parametersFWHM, 1/e2, 1/e, 4σ statistical moments up to
4th for X and Y directions independently
Beam pointing stabilityCustomizable in Cartesian and Polar coordinates
Auto centeringCenter of the beam is found automatically
Manual measurement toolsCursors: horizontal, vertical, free hand;
spot probe; zoom-in lens
Automatic detection of beam
artefacts and trends*
Yes, with cloud backed with artificial intelligence
Long term data storage*Yes. Via cloud system in the web browser
Remote preview*Yes. Via cloud system in the web browser
FittingGauss and Lorentz fit for X and Y direction
independently; Returning distribution parameters
Beam geometryAstigmatic and elliptical
Metrology3 types of cursors for manual measurement
VisuaIization2D & 3D
Calculation frequencyUp to 4Hz
FPS1-25 range with 1 fps increment
Exposure time0.12 - 24,62 ms with 0,03 ms increment
Parameters setup modeAuto & manual
Operation modeFree run or  hardware triggering
Noise correctionDNC technology (c.f. User Manual for description)
ISO standards referenceISO 11146-1, ISO 11146-2, and ISO 11146-3
Software languageEnglish, Polish
* Option available in subscription model. 3 months of free testing period.
Data sheet of Huaris One Laser Beam Profiler by Perspectiva Solutions

Datasheet of Huaris Five Mobi

The Huaris Five Mobi datasheet contains the detailed technical specification of the laser profiler and tablet. Huaris Five enables the measurement of all essential elements necessary for laser diagnostics and preventive maintenance.