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Our company specializes in contract production of the highest quality electronic and photonic devices and the production of custom cable harnesses. We offer the highest production standards in Poland, from prototyping, production outsourcing, to professional machine and electronics assembly services.

Perspectiva Solutions cable harness manufacturing - produkcja wiązek kablowych
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Your partner in cable harness manufacturing

One of the main areas of our company’s activity is the production of electric harnesses. We provide not only standard solutions, but also special-purpose cable harnesses. For many years, our solutions in the production of electric harnesses have been appreciated by our customers. We are able to make virtually any type of cabling you may need. The electrical harnesses we produce are successfully used mainly in the sector of professional electronics, industrial automation, industrial machinery, automotive, chemical, medical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in the space industry.

Our company is small and medium-sized batches manufacturer of electric cable harnesses and the production of long series. We are able to deliver not only standard solutions but we also specialize in customized wire harnesses.

Let us know the timelines of your project and the quantity of the order!

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Cable harness assembly in industry

We are a producer of electric cable harnesses used by many industries, both in Poland and Europe. By working with us, you can be sure that regardless of the working conditions and the requirements of specific industries, our wiring harnesses will meet your expectations. Our engineers have experience in the design and production of reliable electric harnesses working in a vacuum, and our cable harnesses are already used to test satellites before their launch on the orbit.

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Our Experience
with cable manufacturing and assembly

Each type of vehicle, ship or yacht, device or machine, in order to function properly, requires dedicated cabling to ensure proper operation. Nowadays, where technology is developing at a dizzying pace, it is difficult to imagine devices without control signals and power supply through cable harnesses.

Our clients ordered the design and production of electric harnesses, in particular in such industries as:

industrial automation 40%
automotive industry 20%
professional electronics 10%
machinery 10%
space 10%
chemical 5%
pharmaceutical and medical devices 5%
Electronics contract manufacturing in EU - Polski producent elektroniki
// Cable harnesses production​

We have competences and experience in vacuum-compatible cabling

In our production process we always consider broad spectrum of usability of components of different kinds. The goal is to meet the technical project specification and the economic requirements of our customer.

// wiring harness production

High standards Plugs and Connectors used in cable harnesses

We are a European producer of electrical cabling for industry

Our quality policy allows us to sustain the highest standards and to minimize the time the client needs to complete their project.

Main objective of our company is to deliver goods always conform to our client’s specification. For this reason, as one of few on the market of harnesses manufacturers, we perform 100% quality control of the product before it is released for delivery.

We use e.g. components of such companies as: ITT Cannon, Conec, Amphenol, TE Connectivity, Raychem, and others.

Perspectiva Solutions cable manufacturing - produkcja wiązek kablowych
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Outsourcing production is the optimal solution for scaling company

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Our Technical Support Team
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Our support team offers technical support for partners. Let us know about your ideas and timelines. Your business project will grow up your with us.


For Partners

For Partners

Our support team offers technical support for customers. Let us know about your ideas and timelines. Your business project will grow up your with us.


For Customers

For Customers

Our support team offers technical support for startups. Let us know about your ideas and timelines. Your business project will grow up your with us.


For Startups

For Startups
// European cable harness manufacturer

Fast lead times for the production
of standard cable harnesses

Our offer also includes popular types of wiring harness, widely used in various industries. We are able to produce and deliver standard cable harnesses in a short time.

Your production has stopped, you need wiring harness, but your contractor is not able to deliver the bundles on time?

Write to us! We will prepare a quote according to the design of the selected cable harness and inform you about the deadlines.


(+48) 730 709 490

Signal harness
Signal harness
Example harness. Custom production.
Power supply harness
Power supply harness
Example product. Custom production.
CAN wire harness for automotive
CAN wire harness for automotive
Example product for automotive. Custom production.
Cable harness with AMP connectors
Cable harness with AMP connectors
Example product. Custom production.
Wiring harness
Wiring harness
Wiring harness with Junior Timer and Harting connectors
M12 Molex cable
M12 Molex cable
Example product. Custom production
Sensor cable
Sensor cable
Example product. Custom production
M-23 cable (hybrid cable)
M-23 cable (hybrid cable)
Product as an example. Custom production.

// Let us know the timelines of your project and the quantity of the order.


Feel free to send us your design files.

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The first step in making cable harnesses is cutting and stripping of cables. The cables are cut in accordance with the demand for the length of the planned harness and the tolerance of the length of the finished product is taken into account. Normally, the customer specifies the tolerance of the cable length, which we take into account in the final dimensions. In addition to cables and harnesses, heat-shrinkable insulations…

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Read Most FAQ
about wiring harness

How to choose connectors in the wiring harness?

Wire size is important in selecting wiring harnesses, especially in applications where there is a risk that the required rated current is close to the maximum of the designed wiring harness.

It is worth remembering that the thicker the electric wire, the greater the mechanical strength, which is also an important factor in the selection of electrical harnesses.

What's the difference between wires and cables?

The difference between wires and cables is usually not clear-cut and is used interchangeably.
Both cables and wires can be made of various materials such as copper or aluminum. They can also be of different thickness and length.
The main difference that can be taken into account is the purpose and insulation.

Electric cables must always be properly insulated, because they are used outdoors, e.g. they are placed in the ground or water. Usually the insulation is plastic or rubber and is used to prevent electric shocks and fires.
Additionally, an electrical cable usually has a group of conductors

The electric wire may have insulation, but usually not. Usually an electric wire with insulation is adapted to quite low voltages, max. 6kV. Electric wires are used indoors.

What are the components of the cable?

Electric cables consist of a conductor that is made of various materials such as copper or aluminum.

Cables consist of several elements: conductors, insulation, protective jacket.

How cables are tested?

Cables must undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety. Electrical cable testing checks that the cables can withstand a high electrical load.

What are cable ties?

Cable ties are indispensable in the design of any good cable harness. Cable ties are small size flexible plastic strips. They are used to bind and secure wires and cables.

What is a wiring harness connector?

Connectors are electromechanical components used to secure a continuous electronic signal between a wiring harness and a power source or circuit. The connectors consist of a housing and male and female plugs that can be interconnected to transmit an electronic signal.

Why do cables have gender?

To connect the wiring, each wiring harness ends with a male or female connector. The gender is used to match the configuration of the number and size of the pins. The "male" connector pins are closed (often protruding), and the "female" connector is designed to receive these pins.

How to check if the socket is male or female?

Often the designation of a plug terminated with pins is referred to as "male" connectors, and the socket is used for "female" connectors.

What is heavy duty wiring harness?

Heavy-duty cable harnesses are used to power large, heavy machinery or equipment where the technical specifications require the use of the highest quality cable harness. Different types and sizes are selected depending on the current application, voltage, frequency or temperature to which they will be exposed.

What is electrical conductivity?

Conductivity is the measure with which electricity in the form of electric charge or heat can pass through a material.
The available materials can be classified according to conductivity and divided into: insulators, semiconductors and metals.

The use of wire harnesses has a low impedance to reduce power losses due to resistance and crosstalk, but not so much as to cause excessive attenuation or signal distortion.