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Our company specializes in contract production of the highest quality electronic and photonic devices and the production of custom cable harnesses. We offer the highest production standards in Poland, from prototyping, production outsourcing, to professional machine and electronics assembly services.

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Manufacture of electric harnesses
for rail transport | rail vehicles

industry wiring harness rail vehicles - branze wiązki kablowe pojazdy szynowe

The rail transport industry is one of the key industries for which our company produces electric harnesses. We have extensive experience in the design and production of standard cabling, as well as the production of non-standard electrical harnesses, cables and wires for rail vehicles: subway cars, trams, trains, rail buses.

All electrical harnesses are designed by specialists in our engineering department or made based on the design sent by the customer. Depending on the required order, we also make a prototype of a cable harness intended for subsequent serial production. We meet customers’ guidelines in a wide range of component quality, durability, efficiency and the working environment of the cabling (e.g. operation of a wiring harness in a vacuum).

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Causes of damage to electrical harnesses
in industrial automation

Mechanical damage to the wiring harness

Damaged wiring harness, such as a partial rupture or complete damage to the wiring harness. The electrical receivers required for proper operation are not properly supplied. Often they can be the main cause of failure of the entire machine or device.

Cable insulation damage

May cause overheating and damage to wires. A typical damage, e.g. overheating, may lead to a breakdown of the current and finally to a short circuit and stop the operation of the device.

There is a high risk of damaging the device.

Wiring corrosion

Electrical harnesses operating in difficult conditions may be endangered with corrosion, which may lead to failure of machines or devices. To prevent corrosion, electrical harnesses must be regularly maintained and cleaned.

Dirty of the wiring harnesses

Dirty electrical harnesses can reduce the flow of current and cause disturbances in the machine's operation. That is why the correct use of cabling is so important.

Full deployment of the cable harness

Old electrical harnesses can be a source of failure of machines or devices. Each electrical harness should be periodically maintained and carefully checked for work safety.

Incorrectly selected wiring harnesses

The wrong type and / or wrong thickness of the cable can cause problems with matching the machine or device components. That is why it is worth using reputable components and parts and choose a reliable manufacturer of cable harnesses.

Incorrect connection of electrical harnesses

If the electrical harnesses are connected incorrectly, they may cause problems with the functioning of the entire machine or device.

Incorrect arrangement of electrical harnesses

Improperly arranged electrical harnesses may impede access to other elements of the machine or device, which may lead to problems with their functioning, and eventually even lead to irreparable damage.

Improper wiring harness operation

One of the most important factors for proper operation is comprehensive wiring maintenance. Like any other element, cable harnesses also wear out and may be susceptible to mechanical damage, heavy dirt or flooding.

Wiring may need to be replaced during the machine or vehicle operating cycle according to the guidelines provided in the wiring harness design.

What is the effect of damaging an electric cable?

Damage to the electric cable may cause a short circuit or an open circuit, which may eventually cause a fire.