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Our company specializes in contract production of the highest quality electronic and photonic devices and the production of custom cable harnesses. We offer the highest production standards in Poland, from prototyping, production outsourcing, to professional machine and electronics assembly services.

Partner in contract production for switchboards, electric control panel and cable harness manufacturing

Production in Poland brings benefits

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Your partner in contract electronics manufacturing

One of the main areas of our company’s activity is a contract manufacturing and assembly of machinery and electronic devices. We specialize in the implementation of small and medium production batches, starting from the creation of a prototype to assembly and serial production.

The devices we manufacture are successfully used mainly in the sector of professional electronics, industrial automation, industrial machinery, automotive, chemical, medical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in the space industry.

Many companies focus on the development of their products, improving the team’s qualifications, creating a company’s development strategy or undertaking. As a consequence, it is worth entrusting the assembly of electronics to experienced specialists.

Production remains an unsolved problem? Very often, in such a situation, the optimal solution is to outsource the production of the product to a reliable partner, i.e. a contract manufacturer.

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Contract production in Poland means nothing but benefits

There are many reasons, but the most important of them are:

  • proper level of people education, which corresponds to very good awareness of the client needs,
  • Poland is a convenient location in the very center of Europe.
  • we are in European Union zone where all legal and taxing formalities are simple, especially if you are from a EU country, too.
  • the logistic costs from Poland are low or moderate at very decent lead times at a time.
  • if you are concerned about keeping your IP secret and respected then we are a best partner for you. Poland is a part of PCT (The Patent Cooperation Treaty), which implies that we respect legal protection of your invention and you are protected by international regulations that our country decided to sign up for.
  • we focus on quality. We respect your right to potential complaint and if this happens we process it with full professionalism to sustain your business processes.
  • even though we are in the heart of Europe we are still very price-competitive. This will surely help to make your business more lucrative!

Read all above and still hesitating? Bet on production outsourcing, scale your business and order the installation of electrical devices in Poland. Don’t wait, write to us today!

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Range of our offer includes final assembly:

Ordering electronics contract production in Europe is not a problem any more! Get contact to us!

Perspectiva Solutions, as a manufacturer of electronic devices, we mainly deal with contract manufacturing to order. Our services in this field are of the highest quality and reliability. We manufacture professional electronics components and entire devices. We have experience in vacuum technology, THT assembly, advanced technology industry, assembly of lighting modules, production of textile bundles and industrial automation.

Electronic devices

Scientific instrumentation

Modules for industrial automation

CNC machines, various OEM modules and all kinds of custom components


Unique, design-protected illumination for your home

Medical devices

Medical devices and components

Control cabinets and switchboards

Control panels for machines and devices

“Our Advantage can help you with picking out the best service for your company.”

sign Krzysztof Jakubczak - CEO-Founder of Perspectiva Solutions company

CEO-Founder of Perspectiva Solutions

To be sure that our products fully meet the needs of customers, we always conduct a full quality control of the devices before delivering the finished goods to the customer.

Please contact us to discuss the details of your project.

Devices and apparatus for photonics and optoelectronics

Laser beam profilers, laser power meters, Pockels cells


A to Z prototyping process for our future manufacturing service clients

Consumer goods

Devices for daily use at your home

// From a prototype to series production

Industries for which we produce machines and devices

According to numerous publications in respected economic magazines e.g. Bloomberg, Poland is one of the best places to find a contract producer. We manufacture and assemble machines and devices used in many industries, both in Poland and Europe. By working with us, you can be sure that regardless of the working conditions and the requirements of specific industries, the products will meet your expectations.

// assembly of electrical machines and devices

Our Experience
with production and contract assembly

We approach each client individually, trying to adapt our offer to his plans and expected results. The production of electronics is a particularly important process for us. We have a team of specialists who provide professional support at every stage of creating designed devices.

Our clients ordered the production and assembly of machines and electronic devices, in particular in such industries as:

industrial automation 40%
automotive industry 20%
professional electronics 10%
machinery 10%
space 10%
chemical 5%
pharmaceutical and medical devices 5%
Electric switchgear and control panel manufacturing - szafa sterownicza i rozdzielnica
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For Over 10 Years.
For business Solutions

The development of reliable and scalable business solutions for any industry. We bring together deep industry expertise and passion to deliver custom solutions and products that perfectly fit the needs of your company.


If you are looking for a partner who would be able to meet your needs and would build a prototype device for you – we are here for you.

Lern more about prototype manufacturing

of devices

Prototyping <br>of devices

Entrust full-cycle implementation of your equipment production by outsourcing realized by our experienced Experts.


of production

Outsourcing <br>of production

Our experience covers vacuum technology, high-tech industry, lightning and industrial automation.


Contract assembly
of devices

Contract assembly <br>of devices

Perspectiva Solutions is also a producer of own products related to laser beam diagnostics under the brand of HUARIS. The portfolio of photonic products include: laser beam profilers, laser power meters, HUARIS cloud system backed with the artificial intelligence for the preventive maintenance of lasers.

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Outsourcing production is the optimal solution for scaling company

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Our Technical Support Team
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Our support team offers technical support for partners. Let us know about your ideas and timelines. Your business project will grow up your with us.


For Partners

For Partners

Our support team offers technical support for customers. Let us know about your ideas and timelines. Your business project will grow up your with us.


For Customers

For Customers

Our support team offers technical support for startups. Let us know about your ideas and timelines. Your business project will grow up your with us.


For Startups

For Startups

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Feel free to send us your design files.

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Electric cable harnesses are an integral part of devices that significantly improve everyday life. They are found in virtually every current operating device. Due to their widespread use, the number of companies producing them is constantly growing.

Electromobility is one of the most developing branches of the Polish and world economy. Today, this sector includes not only the production of electric vehicles,

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Read Most FAQ
about contract manufacturing of electronics

What is contract manufacturing of electronics?

Contract manufacturing is the process by which a company provides electronics manufacturing services to other companies. Companies use manufacturing services to focus on their core business areas and reduce operating costs. Contract manufacturing of electronics is often used by large companies to produce large quantities of products or very complex products.

How to choose a proven contract manufacturing partner?

1. Pay attention to the manufacturer's experience first. Check how long it has been in the market and if it has experience in producing similar products.
2. Check if the company has the appropriate technical and hardware facilities to fulfill your order.
3. Compare the offers of several manufacturers. Make sure all costs are clearly stated and that there are no hidden costs.
4. Talk to the company's representatives about the possibility of flexible adaptation to your needs and the timely execution of the order.
5. Get acquainted with the testimonials-opinions of other customers about the manufacturer you have chosen. Look for reviews online or ask your friends for recommendations.

Where in the world is most electronics assembled?

The slogan, contract assembly of electronics, immediately comes to mind about Asian countries. However, the EMS sector is not only contract manufacturing in China or other Asian countries. Europe also has a lot to offer and we are talking mainly about Eastern Europe, due to qualified engineers, shorter logistics and cheaper labor.

What is the EMS industry?

The EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) industry is a sector in which companies provide services related to the production of electronic devices and systems. Companies in this sector can offer their clients a full range of services from product design and development to assembly, testing and delivery to the end user. EMS customers are often companies that have outsourcing strategies and so choose to outsource some or all of their production to an external supplier.

EMS sector in Poland and Europe

Currently, according to the statistics provided, the most profitable segments of the EMS sector in Europe are the assembly of control devices or instrumentation. Medical devices as well as industrial and automotive devices are gaining more and more popularity. It is also worth mentioning the renewable energy market and the space sector.

Business scalability - what does it mean?

We often use this term, especially when it comes to contract manufacturing. Therefore, it is worth explaining what we mean when we say about outsourcing of production. Business scaling is a strategic approach to developing a business and organizing profitable activities. Starting from planning and creating a business plan to creating dedicated solutions for the company's needs. All activities are aimed at developing the company and ensuring the highest possible revenues, but also reducing costs.

How is business scaling different from growth?

Scaling a business is all activities that aim to develop the company (e.g. outsourcing contract production) and ensuring the highest possible revenues for the organization, but it is important to reduce costs at the same time. On the other hand, growth in business means increasing the level of revenues, which is most often associated with expanding the company's resources.