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Our company specializes in contract production of the highest quality electronic and photonic devices and the production of custom cable harnesses. We offer the highest production standards in Poland, from prototyping, production outsourcing, to professional machine and electronics assembly services.

Huaris laser beam profiler for laser beam diagnostic
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Laser Beam Profiler
- diagnostics powered by artificial inteligence

HUARIS system based on AI (artificial intelligence) for laser preventive maintenance. The system is a Category Finalist in the Innovation Award at Laser World of Photonics in Munich, 2022. Perspectiva Solutions has been acknowledged for Huaris system as 1 of 101 Most Innovative Machine Learning Startups & Companies in Poland.

According to Data Magazine from the UK has recognized our company as one of the most innovative entities in Poland in the machine learning field!

Huaris One

Laser beam profiler based on 1 megapixel camera for laser diagnostics and preventive maintenance. Our company is the owner of Huaris registered brand, which labels the profilers used to characterize the quality of the laser beams. We are producer of laser beam profiler powered by artificial inteligence.

Huaris Mobi One

First in the world mobile laser beam profiler. We have developed a mobile version of the laser beam profiler, that doesn't require PC for its operation. We named it Mobi One as is mobile and equipped with 1 megapixel camera. Instead of bulky PC we offer a bundle of: a laser beam profiler + compact tablet.

AI-powered Huaris Cloud

Huaris cloud system is the first in the world solution that uses machine learning to automate diagnostics of laser beams. We made the lasers finally manageable remotely. Huaris is the first implementation of preventive maintenance in the laser systems. It is patent-protected.

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Huaris is a preventive maintenance system for lasers

It uses artificial intelligence to automate laser beam characterisation.

A common problem in the industry based on laser systems is long downtime of the laser systems in the event of their failure. Long downtime in industry means huge costs associated with disturbance of production continuity.

How to prevent it?

You can apply a preventive maintenance system for lasers.
Additionally, the system allows remote monitoring of the lasers. Huaris monitors the laser beam in real time. It takes only milliseconds to diagnose the laser. All that is done remotely and fully automatically. Any number of lasers can by monitored simultaneously at any location worldwide. Now lasers can get online, real-time monitoring at the mass scale.
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Huaris Cloud System

AI-powered Huaris Cloud

Suggestions for preventive maintenance actions

Artificial intelligence recognizes type of laser misbehavior and suggests source of issue and preventive actions.

Automatic alarms

Alarms and suggestions of actions are sent to you via web application, e-mail or SMS - as you wish.

Centralized source of technical information

All technical information is centralized in one place: a forum within our web-based application

Huaris laser beam system for AI cloud predictive maintenance
Huaris laser beam profiler for laser beam diagnostic
Powered by artificial intelligence

Using machine learning allows automatic detection of laser malfunction. Now it does not matter if you have 1 o 10 000 lasers to manage once you are supported by very smart and automatic algorithms.

Remote beam monitoring

Laser producers are present all over the world. Their clients require support to increase the profitability. Remote monitoring of laser beam quality is a must, and Huaris can provide this.

Long term monitoring of the laser beam parameters

The parameters of the laser beam are now checked occasionally. The Huaris system can monitor your laser over a long period of time, analyze trends and predict its failure.

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Huaris futures


The essential objective of every measuring device is the measurement accuracy. The high quality of our devices has been confirmed in the validation tests at external, world acknowledged laser R&D center in benchmarking experiments proving the ultimate level of measurement precision.

2D & 3D VIEW
2D & 3D VIEW

In our software you will be able to view the beam in 2D and 3D. Additionally, you can see sections of the beam and apply color palette at your convenience. 3D view is interactive. You can change the view angle. Cursors on the views will let you measure the specific, non-standard features of the beam.


We have implemented two modes of operation in our profile meter: automatic and manual. Automatic mode is perfect for the quick adjustment of the camera parameters at start or long-run measurement. Manual mode lets you fine-tune the parameters according to your specific needs.


Reporting works like a charm! You can save the measurement report as a PDF file for later use. Additionally, you can save the movie or image files presenting your beam footprint.


We have developed our own methods and algorithms of noise correction in real-time to maximize the measurement accuracy. DNC is highly convenient. You do not need to re-calibrate the profiler every time you start your measurement which makes the measurement going smoothly.


The measurement results are standardized beam characteristics as defined in ISO 11146. These include: FWHM, 1/e, 1/e2, 4σ for both horizontal and vertical directions for Gaussian and elliptical beams. Additionally, the parameters of Lorentz distribution as well as statistical momenta are delivered.

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Introduce Huaris - laser preventive maintenance

Friendly design, solid metal housing and compact dimensions hide powerful possibilities of laser beam diagnostics in your hands. Huaris is a mobile laser beam profilometer that uses artificial intelligence to automate the characterization of the laser beam.

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