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Our company specializes in contract production of the highest quality electronic and photonic devices and the production of custom cable harnesses. We offer the highest production standards in Poland, from prototyping, production outsourcing, to professional machine and electronics assembly services.

Cable harnesses
Prototyping of machine wiring harness - prototypowanie wiązek do maszyn

Prototyping of machine wiring

Are you wondering how important electrical harnesses are when designing a prototype for machines? Modern devices have a central unit controlling the system (ECU -Electronic Control Unit), sometimes it is in the form of a controller or a specialized processor. The cable harness enables communication between the central unit and the components of the entire system (e.g. motors, valves, displays, actuators). So how does the prototyping of cabling for devices look like?

At the beginning of prototyping, a basic list of customer expectations is drawn up regarding the performance, place and method of use, and the environment in which the device will operate. In the technological interview, we ask the client to learn on:

  • type of bundle: signal or power line,
  • current and voltage parameters,
  • wiring topology,
  • interfaces,
  • working environment,
  • EMC,
  • harness class,
  • other.

After receiving the customer’s exact instructions regarding the device in which the harness is to be installed, the design process begins.

Modeling of electrical harnesses

Design is a key stage in every creative process. The same is with the harnesses. After collecting preliminary information, the first virtual model is created in specialized CAD software. In our company, we apply the highest standards of modeling of the electrical harnesses. The software tools we use allow us to:

  • 3D harness modeling in the device,
  • generating drawings of the wiring topology,
  • creating 2D drawings of a harness,
  • development of connection diagrams,
  • preparation of a material list, the so-called BOM (bill of material),
  • drafting of the production documentation.

Wiring harness prototype

After analyzing the initial bundle design, a prototype is made and tests are carried out to determine whether the bundle is compatible with the target machine and whether it meets the customer’s requirements. At the prototyping stage, it is important to take into account the schematic diagram, assumptions of use and information on the harness connections. The components are carefully selected for the bundle so that the cable is adapted to various types of work, also in difficult conditions (e.g. underground or in water). Some of the cables need specialized insulation that will allow them to work safely. The method of supply (fixed or controlled) and the number of contacts in the bundle as well as elements such as windings, wires and position sensors are also taken into account. After the bundle prototype is made and a series of measurements is done (insulation resistance, electrical transitions, tensile strength, etc.), it is sent to the customer to check the  compatibility with the device. After validation of the operation of the harness, the serial production is launched. The wiring harnesses are manufactured according to the developed manufacturing process.

You don’t know what cable prototype your device needs? Here at Perspectiva Solutions we can help you to choose the best design, optimal, contemporary components and solutions for the prototyping of cable harnesses.

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Krzysztof Jakubczak

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