Huaris 1 laser beam profiler

Our company is the owner of Huaris registered brand, which labels the profilers used to characterize the intensity distribution in the laser beams. We are also producer of these devices.

For more information please refer to the product page here.

Huaris Mobi - first in the world mobile laser beam profiler

We have developed a mobile version of the laser beam profiler, that doesn't require PC for its operation. We named it Mobi. Instead of bulky PC we offer a bundle of: a laser beam profiler + compact tablet.

More information is available the product page.

Cloud system

Our clients gain access to 100% free cloud system which allows remote viewing of the laser activity and long-term beam parameters monitoring. All that works from the web browser at any operating system. Including mobile devices.

If you'd like to learn more about our innovative product, please refer to the page.


Polish product web page

As a Polish company we have developed also product web page in Polish language. If this interesting for you, then this link will be good for you.