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Młyńska 27, 22-400 Zamość, Poland

Our company specializes in contract production of the highest quality electronic and photonic devices and the production of custom cable harnesses. We offer the highest production standards in Poland, from prototyping, production outsourcing, to professional machine and electronics assembly services.

Natalia Mazurek - Account Manager of Perspectiva Solutions

Natalia Mazurek

Account Manager
  • Department: Sales
  • Experience: 6 Years
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Account Manager of Perspectiva Solutions


Natalia Mazurek is our main contact point for our clients. She offers support with all kinds of information the client may need in the daily cooperation. She has numerous international experience mostly in great companies, also with industrial profile. By her education she is a Master in accounting which is very helpful in her daily work.

In her private life Natalia is full of energy. She enjoys her family life, expands her interests and learns to develop her skills.

If you’d like to reach us out, please, contact Natalia directly here.

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