Special offer for start-up companies

Contract manufacturing for new ventures

Free consulting!

We offer free advise to our future clients on how your product could be manufactured in an optimal way!

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Start-up requires special approach - we get it!

We understand very well that you may need a hand to put your business together. There are quite a few challenges you are going to face when drafting your business strategy. Some of them may include:

    - Who is going to manufacture your product as your investor does not want to put any money into production facility?

    - What is your pathway in production scale-up from a few MVP (minium viable product) prototypes to potentially thousands of pieces of your dream product every month?

    - What are best and most economic technologies of production at various stages of your company growth?

    -You need to find someone nearby in Europe? Poland?

    - Who would take some of this headache over from you?

    - .... and probably hundreds more!

No worries!

After all, we were also a start-up at some point and we are here to help!

We have prepared a tailored offer for new entrepreneurs! If you feel that you:

    - Need electronics manufacturer located in Europe for accessibility and quality reasons

    - Need someone to advise you on optimal production technology

    - Know you will be developing your product with backup of an investor (and you have one already)

    - Maybe you were also considering asking someone to manage your technical R&D phase

All these topics could be fixed by us!

Why don't you simply get in touch with us to check if we could do assembly services and/or project management for you! Write us!