Contract manufacturing of devices

Electronics production

Our company delivers ultimate quality services in the contract manufacturing of various components and devices. Our experience covers vacuum technology, high-tech industry, lightning and industrial automation.

The scope of our offer encompasses final assembly services of:

  • electronics

  • medical devices

  • photonics and optoelectronics devices and equipment

  • modules for industrial automation

  • control boxes and cases

  • lightning

  • consumer goods

  • prototyping

Feel free to send us your request. We would  be more than happy to review if your device could be made by us.

Assembly of electronic devices

Areas of our expertise

Professional electronics

Scientific instrumentation

Professional electronics production 

Medical devices

Medical devices and components

Contact manufacturing of medical devices 


Spetrometers, spectrophotometers, lasers

Contact manufacturing of optoelectronic devices 

 Industrial automation

Control and distribution boxes, machinery

Contact manufacturing of industrial automation components 

 Vision systems

Camera-based systems

Contact manufacturing of cameras and visual systems 


A-Z prototyping process