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Highly qualified staff influence the functioning of the company

How highly qualified staff influence the functioning of the company?

Staff qualifications – Essential prerequisite for successful product deployment

How highly qualified staff influence the functioning of the company? Does vocational training open the path to a brilliant career? Who will make a breakthrough step which brings us closer to the Mars colonization? And finally, which branch of industry puts Europe in the role of world leader? It is time to answer these and other questions that will show the wider context of dynamic enterprises development, not only in the Old Continent.

From the school bench to the scientific parlors

Vocational training in Poland is currently in the exploding phase. After a period of its collapse in recent years, a gap was found in the economy, which was created as a result of neglecting the specialists, workers and technicians education. Thus, a reform program was initiated, which encouraged and made professional education more attractive, significantly improving its quality. At the turn of recent years, the programs have been focused on acquiring the qualifications necessary in the competition, which opened new career paths. Practice was strongly emphasized, the best example of which is the opportunity to work with current students, and future technicians, electricians and IT specialists in companies such as, for example, Perspectiva Solutions. The high level of education provides an important fact – in Perspectiva work only electronic technicians who have previously undergone a monthly period of introductory training. What were the effects of the changes that we experienced at the time when the first year of education with the new system entered the labor market?

Technological space

Space is the place where the European and Polish potential among technicians is best seen. University Rover Challenge is a global robot competition organized by The Mars Society, which takes place in the desert of Utach and allows experiments in conditions similar to Martian. Rovers were exposed to many tasks, for example soil sampling, searching for life traces, repairing broken device, as well as overcoming unreachable terrain hills. There were two teams from the Vistula River on the podium – the first was Białystok University of Technology, which outclassed the rivals, earning the highest score in the history of competition (493 points out of 500 possible) and students from the Wrocław University of Technology. This was the result in 2013, one difference between the past and this year’s URC competition is that this time apart from the first (Częstochowa University of Technology) and third (Kielce University of Technology) places on the podium, the team from Łódź was right behind them.

On the 5th of May this year, NASA fired the InSight probe towards Mars. A project that has absorbed almost a billion dollars is part of the Discovery program. It’s about a stationary lander equipped with research machinery, which is to measure the Red Planet pulse, and in that way carry out its seismic inspection. In addition to exploring the core of Mars, NASA also wants to measure the subsurface heat flux. For this purpose, InSight will have to drill into its surface to a depth of about 4 meters. To do this, with the participation of scientists from the Polish Space Agency, one of the main measuring devices was created – the work of AstronikaPenetrator Kret. In one word, Poles will be responsible for the deepest borehole in the history of this planet. Understanding temperature fluctuations on Mars is crucial to the project of sending people there to 2030 – explains NASA’s head scientist, Jim Green. Specialists predict that research can determine the breakthrough in getting to know the planet that we want to colonize. Up till now, this future seemed distant, but if this is true, we will see in about two years. NASA’s expedition with a Polish accent on board will last something about this time.

Europe, or the world leader

The position of Europe’s leader in many branches of the technology industry is perfectly visible in the example of photonics, in other words 21st century electronics. The Old Continent from the beginning of its formation has become a world pioneer in the field light particles and photons transmission in order to send information through optical fires. In turn, these wires slightly thicker than the human hair are Polish specialty. It is currently the most modern way of sending information that distinguishes itself with its largest coverage and huge information capacity. Coming back to photonics – it involves huge progress in many fields of science and high technology. It was classified by the European Union to so-called Key Enabling Technologies. The European Commission has given them strategic importance for the Union economic development, describing them as technologies of the future. Those will decide about the dynamic development of Europe and will allow an increase in the innovativeness level of EU enterprises. Development in the field of KET is associated with the huge funds allocation for conducting intensive R & D works and the need to involve highly qualified staff.

Undoubtedly, the importance of staff qualifications is connected with the product quality. Competent and prepared permanent full-time worker is the foundation of a dynamically developing company. People make a company – it is an extremely real truism. Regardless of the position, each one creates its image. However, only from the managerial staff, which focuses on shaping professionals, depends whether it will be a specialist in a given field, or a company with a low, maybe with a bit of luck, middle-shelf image.

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