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Our company specializes in contract production of the highest quality electronic and photonic devices and the production of custom cable harnesses. We offer the highest production standards in Poland, from prototyping, production outsourcing, to professional machine and electronics assembly services.

Contract manufacturing
Contract production services of electronic manufacturing in Poland and EU

How this happened that Poland is so important on the industrial roadmap in Europe?

New production on the Old Continent?

An open market  is the first impulse to think about your own business. Later, questions arise. Do you start production? If so, where? Is the European market attractive? Albert Einstein had a simple method – you have to learn the rules of the game and then play better than everyone else. Let’s find out how these principles look in Poland and the Old Continent.

Asian tigers and European lions

When Lee Kuan Yew – a man who, according to Margaret Tatcher, was never mistaken, when took the power over a micro-state at the edge of Malaysia, income per person was 400 dollars a year. Today it is over 50,000. Although the name Singapore literally means the same as the lion city, it is currently the best-developed Asian tiger next to Japan. A Tiger, which in the annual Doing Business ranking prepared by the World Bank takes first place with the New Zealand among the most attractive markets in the world. The list takes into account 10 indicators from the life of the company, starting from the ease of its establishment, through the registration of ownership and production, to the protection of investors and liquidation of the company. They are independent of each other, so it is rare that countries in the lead are in all indicators at once. How does it look in practice? In Australia – the country in the first place in the company establishment category,  require two procedures are required, and the process itself lasts an average of two days. In Guinea-Bissau, the worst state in this respect, 17 procedures are required, the completion of which takes more than half a year.

However Doing Business ranking is not only Asia and the USA. In the top 30 more than a half of the countries are on the Old Continent. Among the 190 countries at the top of the table, Europe is represented by the great Scandinavian three – Denmark, Norway and Sweden. High places of Great Britain, Germany or Finland are not surprising. However, one cannot forget about Poland, which, despite the decrease in comparison to the previous year, is in the 27th position. Annual reports, apart from the fact that they bring with them huge amounts of internal reforms, give a clear message, where opening a company and production makes economic sense, and where an enterprising climate is extreme. In this case, it’s not just numbers, but rather pure, economic reality. Observations in recent years clearly indicate that the top 30 list of the World Bank is the goal of all aspiring business salons in the world.

Contract production services of electronic manufacturing  in Poland

Contract production services of electronic manufacturing in Poland

Poland is an EU factory

The latest Eurostat data show that, across the entire economy, Poland ranks third in Europe in terms of employment in industry with a score of 3.5 million. More in this region employ only Germans and Italians. However, in the production sector we have no equal – two out of three jobs in the EU are created in Poland. In addition to huge personnel, Polish production costs are also attractive, hence the total expenses incurred by the company in connection with the production of all goods. They include, above all, remuneration for employees, but also the purchase of materials, energy and all matters related to infrastructure and capital service. In Poland, the hourly labor cost is less than EUR 9, lower we will meet only in four EU countries – Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and Bulgaria. The average of the European Union is maintained at the level 25 euros, and the most entrepreneur will pay in Norway, where the same costs reach 50 euros.

Investors in Poland appreciate not only low costs, but also the quality of employees – in particular engineers. This is the basis of a competitive economy. The country on the Vistula River from year to year has more and more reasons to become a leader in this region in this respect. The Polish economy is still waiting for the impulse of innovation, but the current perspective of financing by the EU, the European Horizon 2020 program, or the assumptions of the Business Constitution give a real opportunity to combine knowledge and entrepreneurship using well-prepared scientific staff. The race of the USA, Asia and Europe in the field of innovation, in addition to being ongoing, is gaining momentum every day. For now, the above mentioned order is a reflection of reality, but huge resources and internal cooperation can bring effects in which the Old Continent will successfully surprise the new market.

In the very heart of Europe

Suchowola – apart from the fact that this charming town in Podlasie, it is also the geographical center of Europe. The central location of Poland is one of the arguments most appealing to entrepreneurs who want to open their own production here. Learn more about the production of cable bundles in Poland. Efficient logistics is an added value that a region either has or needs to invest heavily to get to a satisfactory level. The ability to reduce costs due to the lack of handicaps and proximity to key markets puts Poland in a highly competitive position. The implementation of basic consumer rights, such as timely fulfillment of the assumptions of the guarantee, access to products, or the ability to quickly and cheaply deliver them to customers, are just some of the benefits of the location of our country. Enabling efficient customer service, they also provide a market advantage that is difficult to make up for by the competition.

From Anne’s Statute to industrial property law

Until the early eighteenth century, no one was able to unite permanently England and Scotland, and few thought about copyright. Both things have been changed by Anna Stuart, who at this time becomes the queen and not the queen of England, but of the Great Britannia, which will be created in times of her rule. Anna’s statute is considered to be the cradle of copyright, which today forms the basis of every creator’s activity. Poland also has a long tradition in the protection of intellectual property, but what is most important is the year 2004 and the adoption of European Union legal norms. The most important for entrepreneurs is the Industrial Property Law Act of 2000, which protects inventions, utility models, trademarks, geographical indications and even topography of integrated circuits. If the right-holder finds that someone else uses his idea without permission, he may demand compensation, forfeiture of infringements and removal of its consequences, and in the absence of finances. The law also provides the necessary means to carry out the necessary evidence.

Production on the Vistula

27th position on 190 countries in the prestigious Doing Business ranking, which defines the most attractive markets in the world and the podium among EU countries in the category of creating jobs in industry. Over two times lower production costs than the European average and industrial property protection law corresponding to the global standards. Finally, Suchowola – a symbol of the central location of the country on the map of the Old Continent. Perhaps these are the reasons why every third Pole would like to start their own company. Regarding this enthusiasm, I would be careful – from the number of REGON numbers it appears that in Poland in average 300,000 new companies is opened every year, but every tenth survives. However, when it comes to production, as a next step in the development of an enterprise, it is difficult for Europe to have a place that would combine so many factors that would favor a market advantage at such a price.

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