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Our company specializes in contract production of the highest quality electronic and photonic devices and the production of custom cable harnesses. We offer the highest production standards in Poland, from prototyping, production outsourcing, to professional machine and electronics assembly services.

Artificial intelligence for laser preventive maintenance

Presentation of artificial intelligence for laser preventive maintenance

This is the world premiere of a HUARIS system based on AI (artificial intelligence) for laser preventive maintenance. The system is a Category Finalist in the Innovation Award.
Everybody who will join Laser World of Photonics next week and would like to learn on how this innovative solution works is very welcome to join!


Presenters are: Krzysztof Jakubczak, PhD, and Daniel Mostowski, PhD Candidate
We are also available at booth: B5.517.
Perspectiva Solutions is producer of laser beam diagnostics.
The presentation will be on methods used to develop AI component of HUARIS cloud system for remote, long-term and fully automatic preventive diagnostics of laser systems.


Krzysztof Jakubczak

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